M1807 Henry Pistol

M1807 Henry Pistol
M1807 Henry Pistol

Extremely rare early U.S. Martial pistol .54 caliber smoothbore, 9 13/16-inch pin-fastened round barrel without visible markings; barrel made without sights; pointed terminus lock with J. HENRY marking forward of hammer, PHILA vertically to rear; brass mountings; steel with browned finish; walnut stock and brass mounted wood ramrod.

J HENRY and PHILA Markings

Condition: Fine. Deep brown patina to steel.  Fine full length walnut stock with very good edges around the lock and flats. Ramrod appears to be original.

These early pistols are seldom seen today, with only a total of 750 pairs being ordered and no report of how many were actually delivered. These extremely rare pistols were only produced from 1807-1808.

This fine flintlock pistol is from the Rick Hudak collection.  Guns from his collection are almost never available for sale.  This one was used in his educational presentations of early firearms, particularly used in the War of 1812.

Offered as a private sale for $8,750

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