Collecting doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Like archaeologists, we arm ourselves with information and fascination, seek clues and make connections. We invite you to share and connect regarding your experiences, sitings or inquiries.

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  1. Scott H says:

    I recently came into possession of a Harper’s Ferry 1807 Converted Pistol, Serial #1553. I wanted to know if the partner pistol had been located? I purchased your book and noticed that the serial # I have is not included in your account. I was also interested in locating a reputable individual to appraise and possible restore the pistol. Any Information you could provide would be most appreciated.

  2. Anthony Mollo says:

    I own a US Model 1805 Harpers Ferry flintlock pistol. It is dated 1807 and is Serial No. 283. If anybody runs across its matched pair (another Serial No. 283), please let me know.


  3. Doug B says:

    I am a moderate collector of CW guns and swords. I am looking for a nicer HF 1855 musket. Desire nice wood and hardware. a clear cartouche. doug

  4. Clai L says:

    Hello… I have a musket from the armory… i believe it is authentic…. it is in rough shape… what i am curious about is that it seems more like a \”musketoon\” …. the barrel is shorter than a regular musket… i have had some folks tell me that it is a cut down musket… that owners did this to make it more like a shotgun …. ????? Is that something that was done ??? thank you Clai Lashley

    • Rick says:

      Thanks for thinking of this site for your inquiry. To really give you any kind of accurate advice, I will need very detailed photographs of the firearm. You also might check out some of the better on line dealers, such as the Horse Soldier (Gettysburg) or Collectors Firearms (Houston). There are others; and Sharpsburg Arsenal are just two more which are very easily found on line. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  5. Bob A says:

    Met you at Mansfield Civil war show. My 1807 Harpers Ferry pistol is serial number 344. Hope it helps…Bob

  6. Donald F says:

    Just got a harpers ferry 1846 long rifle. Is there any info available regarding propery way to take apart to oil and clean? Thank you

  7. Tom W says:

    Sorry, I failed to list the year of the Far west Hobby Shop list. It was 1940.

  8. Tom W says:

    Another pistol, #1476, dated 1807, was listed in the Nov-Dec list of the Far West Hobby Shop, 406 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA, on sale at $57.50, regular price $72.50.

  9. Tom W says:

    Hi, I wrote you recently about the Model 1805 pistol #993 dated 1807 being in the Dean Arms Collection of the Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington West Virginia, which was donated by Herman P. Dean in 1952. I have been going through a collection of his papers there searching for information on when the arms in the collection may have been acquired, especially a pre-1815 Hall sporting rifle which is one of only six known to exist, and have examined many old gun lists and catalogs going back to 1911. Today I found a M1805 pistol, #770, dated 1807 listed as item #38 in an F. Theodore Dexter list of 1932 for sale for $68.00. I don’t know if this information is of any use to you but I thought I would send it along. I have seen others but the SN isn’t always given. I don’t know what the N.S. Wagner list of 12/13/1961 is or the other lists but #993 has been in the HMOA Dean Collection since 1952.

  10. Michael C says:

    I’m not interested in buying the other gun. I’m just excited to see another pair appear. They have to be a pair—I’ve had mine since 1997, and this other one has surfaced a couple of times since then.

    I’ll take several good photos of mine and mail them in high resolution on a CD disk. I’ll include photos of my other one also. You may use any/all of my photos for publishing information for collectors. I have been compiling a list of serial numbers, and I am happy to share it with you.

    I believe in sharing information for the benefit of all collectors. You may recognize my name as Staff Editor, The Gun Report, Q&A Column. I regret the passing of that fine old publication. I have all the issues and refer to them constantly for my Q&A column in Arms Heritage Magazine.

  11. Michael C says:

    Hello, I bought your book today at the Baltimore gun show. Unfortunately, I didn’t look at it until tonight in my hotel room. I would have liked to talk to you about the Model 1805.
    I have a dated 1808 serial no. 1751 and I see you might know where the other one might be. You write it was on Gene Olson’s table at the Feb 2012 Louisville show. I’ve had mine since I bought it at the January Las Vegas show in 1997.
    I also have one serial no. 10 (but a number or two must be missing. The lock is 1807). I bought this one from Dr. Ross McInnis in Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia in 2001. I would be glad to send good photos when I get home Tuesday. Let me have a street or email address.
    This might be a chance to reunite the two number 1751s.
    I have this information on 1751:
    *No. 1751, date 1808, (mine) Lewis Yearout says mine was at the Canton, Ohio show in 1967.
    *No. 1751, date 1808, (not mine) Bonhams Auction, Dec 6, 2011, Lot 6468, reconversion

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